mercredi 25 mai 2011

Journée Grand Siècle 2011

Ça y est ! La Journée Grand Siècle de Vaux le Vicomte est passée !

Les photos sur cette page (bientôt plus de photos):

Nous réfléchissons déjà aux costumes de l'année prochaine !
Mais avant cela, d'autres évènements nous attendent...
Et maintenant nous allons nous pencher sur la création de l'association et commencer à faire un peu de publicité.

2 commentaires:

  1. We have seem many photos from the event, and wish we could attend sometime---we live in the USA. As reenactors, we are lucky to have some gorgeous, period correct 18thc. clothing, and flatter ourselves that we would have turned a few heads had we been there! As it is, we are celebrating our 4th anniversary, dressed in our finest 18thc. attire, at an elegant outdoor 'English Tea' picnic over in Maine next weekend! I have already made some of the luscious 'tea treats' we plan to take, and we have our damask cloth and china tea cups all ready to go! You can 'meet' us and see more at my blog~

  2. We have just seen several different group's photos of this event, and yours are just the best! Your parties' clothing is the prettiest as well...
    Well done!